Young Living Essential Oils Essential oils are awesome. As natural way of living is becoming more sought, using essential oils answers just that.

their website We chose Young Living Essential Oils simply because they are the world leaders of essential oils.  Watch the video Oola Guys created at Winter Harvest 2014 (Yes, YOU are invited to YL farms and participate in harvesting and planting).  The guy at the beginning planting a baby tree is none other than YLEO’s founder and CEO, D. Gary Young.  What CEO does that?  Anyways, watch it, love it, and call me to start your life with YLEO with us!

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Seed to Seal – Web HD from OolaLife on Vimeo.

If you’re ready to dive into YL life, go to

For more questions and setting an appointment with me so that we can talk more about essential oils or to try, please call 740-359-2226 or email

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